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     So if you're looking for a story where a white guy single-handedly saves an Asian village from certain death and destruction, then you should probably stop reading right now.  Our "white savior" is actually a drunken idiot who leads an innocent Japanese village to be mercilessly slaughtered.

     Enter Todd Parker, a Japanese American teacher who time travels back to feudal Japan, where he finds the only way to save the town is to convince the villagers that the "white savior" will actually be the death of them all.  

     From acclaimed artist Eric Nguyen (Hulk, Iron Man, Old Man Logan), Scott Burman (Daily Motion), and Dark Horse Comics (Hellboy, Umbrella Academy) comes this action-packed satire hellbent on dismantling the white savior trope once and for all!


""an inspired take on a very common Hollywood trope, acting as a feature-length exploration into why minorities in films seem to assume any white guy who shows up will know exactly what to do. And the writer uses that premise as a jumping off point, looping in tons of different stereotypes (both cinematic and cultural) to create a specific comedic voice."
- Hollywood's Blacklist

"10/10. A fresh take on the time travel parody. It challenges stereotypes, presents realistic people of color, and still feels groundbreaking. The story by Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman is exhilarating, perceptive, and captivating." 
- Graphic Policy

"White Savior explodes one of Hollywood’s most insidious and insulting tropes rooted in the glorification of the colonial past. Working to decolonize The Hero’s Journey isn’t only the right thing to do – in the hands of Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman, it’s absurdly fun."
- AIPT Comics

"It’s extremely entertaining and adds an unexpected element to a story that could easily have taken itself too seriously. Nguyen pulls double duty by creating the art for the series as well. He shows real skills by radically changing his style during the battles and time in ancient Japan vs. the more mundane panels in modern New York City. It’s a great start to the four-part limited series."

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Eric Nguyen

Eric Nguyen has been a staple of the comic book industry for over 20 years, working with every major publication and drawing classics such as Batman, Hulk,  X-men, Old Man Logan, Quicksilver, Fables, Iron Man,  Gigantic, and many more. R&B superstar The Weeknd personally chose him to draw his futuristic epic comic "Starboy" for Marvel. Why he decided to forgo all of that and work on a comic called "White Savior" with some random guy who e-mailed him is still a mystery to us all, but it makes for one hell of a story. 


Scott Burman

Scott Burman once ate a piece of chicken straight from the garbage can. For the record, it was sitting in an unopened container on top of a heap of garbage, but even his wife doesn't believe that story. Honestly, do you really think I would eat garbage chicken, Emily? I mean, come on! I don't even eat food past the expiration date. Remember when we got into a fight because I wanted to throw out that dented can of chickpeas? You don't eat food from dented cans, Emily! They can't be trusted!

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